Up All Night

Rose-pink petals are surrounded by a thin line of rose red and decorated with a large rose-red eye that deepens along its outer edge. The colors are so bright that thinking about them can keep me up all night.

No other eyed pink daylily that we have bred with has produced as many exceptional offspring as this one..

Bloom size: 6 inches
Scape Height: 24 inches
Bud Count: 16
Plant habit: Dormant
Bloom time: Midseason
Blooming habit: Not recurrent
Fertility: Easy both ways.
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Flaws: Color lightens after cold nights.
Exceptional qualities: Robust growth. Tough flowers resist thrips and water spottiing. Sunfastness is excellent.

{[(Webster Lupton x Mary Mercer) x Shishedo] X Alabaster Angel}

Price: $175

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Home Several of this year's stars appear in this picture. Black Jade is at left. Up All Night is front and center. And Packing Iron is in the upper-right corner of the picture.

Tall, stringy-looking scape that partly obscure Packing Iron belong to Red Crispies, which starts to bloom 2 weeks after Up All Night begins.

A few blooms of one previous introduction, Parallel Universe, can be seen in the back center.