Three-Ring Circus

[(Webster Lupton x Heady Wine) x Mary Mercer] X Alabaster Angel
Bloom size: 5-6 inches
Scape Height: 32 inches
Bud Count: 18-40
Plant habit: Dormant
Bloom time: Midseason
Blooming habit: Not recurrent
Fertility: Pods difficult, pollen is easy.
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Flaws: Slow to increase. Cool nights ruin the color
Exceptional qualities: Pretty flowers. Strong, branched scapes. Pretty, healthy foliage..

Limited Supply: Single fans only.

Price: $200
The fanciest face that ever smiled on Mercers' Garden, Three-Ring Circus has a clear violet eye and edge with a gold rim of lace..

The base petal color ranges from eggshell white to light, light beige. After a rare cool night in late-midseason, the petal color beomes an awful dull rose beige. I have seen this only once in the eight years we've grown this.

Another flaw is the plant's slow increase. We've guested this with several breeders and so far have not had any returned. But one breeder says he's had great success with increase, So if he returns all but his one to keep, we should have adequte supply to meet the demand for single divisions.

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