Gild of Watchers

Not very white, but very beautiful, indeed. It has a barely perceptible gold edge that occasionally becomes quite prominent in hot weather.

While I admit it isn't the whitest white around, it is very white compared to most of today's gold-edged beauties. This is one of our favorite whites of all time. Only Jean Harrison is better.

No white, except Jean Harrison, is a better performer. And this has a much prettier flower.

[(Alabaster Angel x Rugged Angel) X (Platinum Plus F2)]
Bloom size: 6 inches
Scape Height: 25 inches
Bud Count: 26
Plant habit: Dormant
Bloom time: Midseason-late
Blooming habit: Not recurrent
Fertility: Easy both ways
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Flaws: Could be a little whiter.
Exceptional qualities: Robust growth. Tough flowers resist thrips and water spottiing. Sunfastness is excellent.

Price: $175

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