Maureen Mercer illustrates the flower size of one of Roger's hybrid magnolias. The tree is in full bloom, below.
We grow more than daylilies
Mercers' Garden is, above all, a garden. A big garden. It covers 6.5 acres and is about 1.5 miles from the center of Hope Mills. Go here for a map.

In addition to daylilies, we breed deciduous magnolias and intend to begin introducing a few in coming years, such as the one at right.

We also breed azaleas, camelias and redbuds on occasion. We have one camellia introduction scheduled and one or two deciduous azaleas on tap. To see a slide show of other plants at Mercers, go here.

We have tried to avoid the commercial look of nothing but row upon row of dayliles. That is not easy when you grow more than 180,000 plants a year.

Other plants at Mercers run the gamut from roses to rare conifers recently discovered in Australia. More than 1,500 species of decorative plants are present here. But our first love is and always will be daylilies.

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