We visit rock outcrops Enjoy . . .

* Taking trips to digs, mines, gem shows and collectors' shows.

* Learning to make exceptional and beautiful jewelry with ease.

* Learning to identify gemstones and minerals.

* Going on cookouts and other get-togethers.

Get on board

Just call:

* James Brown, (910) 978-3865

* Roger Mercer, (910) 424-4756

* Maureen Mercer (910) 916-8532

Or e-mail any of the club officers at

* maureenmercer1@me.com

* roger@mercergarden.com

* jwbacbaph@yahoo.com

Many club members found low-grade garnets at an outcrop north of Raleigh.
Trips to quarries yield interesting minerals

James Brown identifies a mineral specimen and returns it to Maureen Mercer in the Lemon Springs quarry in Lee County

We share our discoveries at our meetings

Cathy Haymore showed club members this giant citrine that she recently added to her collection.

Create jewelry

Learn how to make pieces such as this lfine citrine pendant by taking a one-day class.

This stone was found in North Carolina by a Fayetteville man who wanted it wrapped for his wife for Christmas.

To join just come to a meeting

We meet the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. Call Maureen, (910) 916-8532, for location.